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We take responsibility through innovative technology since 1987!

As a German manufacturer, we design and manufacture reverse osmosis systems for the desalination of seawater and brackish water and thus make a contribution to making the resource water usable.

Water desalination

We make seawater drinkable!

Our promise for your success!

in operation

We operate internationally with main focus on the Mediterranean region, North Africa and the Middle East.


We plan your water desalination plant individually according to the conditions on site. In this way we maximize the efficiency of the system.

Our promise
of quality

We manufacture your water desalination plant with the highest quality components and materials to ensure a long service life.

Large range
of systems

We offer reverse osmosis plants in different sizes. From 1 m³/day up to 20,000 m³/day.

Together we solve your water problems

We support you from the idea until the professional realization and look forward to your inquiry!

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